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New Dentist Contractor Kit

Brad Filmanowicz, CPA, MBA, EA

A Special Program Designed For The New Dentist Who Is An Independent Contractor

As an Independent Contractor you have 4 major problems:

You are taxed very heavy. You have to pay 15.625% Self-employment taxes before any income tax. So if you earn $127,000 you will pay $19,843.75 in Social Security and Medicare Tax before any income tax. We will show you how to cut that number in half!

You have a very high IRS audit risk. The sole proprietor tax return is one of the most audited tax returns by the IRS. Even if you do everything you are supposed to do, the IRS comes for blood and will make your life difficult. We will show you how to cut this risk to almost none.

You have unlimited liability, I hate to say it but today, people like to sue. Even though you have insurance, you are not fully protected. We will show you how to limit your liability.

You are now required to keep your own books and records. This is not fun, it is work, and if you do not do it correctly, an IRS audit will be very disruptive to your life. We have a simple method so you will not have to spend a lot of time or hire an expensive accountant.

We have a simple program that will save you a ton of time and money, so you can focus on your patients.

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Tax Benefits of A S-Corporation
How It All Works

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